February 6, 2023

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Grand Hotel Bariloche Review, Rio Negro, Patagonia, ARGENTINA

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Grand Hotel Bariloche Review, Rio Negro, Patagonia, ARGENTINA

A: Bariloche, Argentina: Sources – Google Map

It is one of the most beautiful places in Argentina. I’m talking about Bariloche, which is located at Rio Negro, Patagonia region of Argentina. Facing the huge lake, Bariloche is crowded by tourists from Chile and all around the world.

The entrance of the hotel, Grand Hotel Bariloche
As popular as it is, it is common sense to know that it is not cheap to stay in Bariloche. I stayed at the Grand Hotel Bariloche which is located at the heart of the Bariloche town.

Retail outlets and shopping arcades is just next door.

It is within the busy shopping street of Bariloche town and it is just a few minute walk to the famous San Carlos de Bariloche Cathedral. The hotel has a restaurant located at their basement and they have a small lift. There are 75 rooms in this hotel.

To be frank, the room is pretty small with an attached small bathroom. It was my mistake of not taking the picture of the room and the bathroom. However I did take a picture of the room view.

The beautiful lake at the background and the buildings in Bariloche
I stayed 2 nights in Grand Hotel Bariloche and it was alright. I loved how convenient staying there as well as the warmth of the locals there. I shopped some winter clothing there as it was very cold even though it is summer back then.

Grand Hotel Bariloche Address and Contact:

Mitre 408
8400 San Carlos de Bariloche, Rio Negro, Argentina
(0)2944 15 535 428


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