June 1, 2023

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The Emerald Cave (Tham Morakat) of Trang: Crystal Pool of Koh Muk, THAILAND

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The Emerald Cave (Tham Morakat) of Trang: Crystal Pool of Koh Muk, THAILAND

Emerald Cave (Tham Morakat in Thai) is the hidden gem of Southern Thailand and the top attraction of Trang, Thailand. It is also known as Crystal Pool of Koh Muk (Muk Island).

The nearest town to Emerald Cave is Trang and we chartered a long tail boat to go there.

Upon reaching the Koh Muk or Muk Island, we need to swim into the Emerald Cave.

The uniqueness of the Emerald Cave is there is a beach within the island. To enter, we need to swim into the island. This is only can be possible during low tide. When I went Trang 7 years ago, I didn’t manage to swim into the Emerald Cave due to high tide.

With the help of the guide, we held on each other to swim in. We were swimming in a line like a flock of ducks.

Swimming into the caves of Koh Muk was fun. It was completely dark for minutes as everyone held on tight on each other’s safety vest. No one knows how long do we need to swim into the cave but the guide was led us in kept asking us if we are okay.

After several minutes, we can see a bright light at the end of the cave. That’s where everyone was getting excited.

There is a beach and surrounded by trees. It felt like we were in a different world. The water is crystal clear, that’s why they named it as crystal pool of Koh Muk. The beach is beautiful.

There were quite a number of tourists. Surprisingly the locals outnumbered the foreigners.

I took the Olympus Mu 8000 Weatherproof Camera for this trip so the photo resolution wasn’t the best.
However, since it is a waterproof camera, I managed to take many underwater shots during this trip.

We enjoyed the unique landscape there. It was like a mini forest within the limestone island.

We spent some time there before we swam back to the boat, with the help of the guide. It was an eye opener and we enjoyed every part of it.

Koh Muk is located at the South of Koh Lanta and there are tours available to Koh Muk from Trang. Please do check out the local operators in Trang or ask the hotel receptionists in Trang for more info and rates.

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