December 2, 2023


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Fusion Bak Kut Teh at J Tean Kitchen Restaurant in SS2 Mall

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Fusion Bak Kut Teh at J Tean Kitchen Restaurant in SS2 Mall

When we mentioned Bak Kut Teh or BKT, we often refer to soup based BKT or the dry BKT. Well, that perception is going to change as I went to try out a new type of BKT, the fusion BKT.
J Tean Kitchen SS2 Mall

I was invited to join a group of bloggers to taste the fusion BKT at J Tean Kitchen Restaurant at the spanking new SS2 Mall. The restaurant is founded by Mr. James Tean.

Mr James Tean or popularly known as Master Tean, has been in the Food Industry for almost over 30 years of experience. During these 3 decades or more years, James had developed many outstanding products.

One of the many developments that James had developed within his tenure is the “chili sauce” under the brand “Life” which had been acquired by KFC and is currently a major brand in Malaysia. Subsequently, in the year 1983, James had set another major development in being the first person in Malaysia to produce a consumer packed “Bak Kut Teh” spice in aluminium foil that are sold locally and also to export markets. It is currently been sold internationally in many Chinatowns across Australia, Asia, Europe and USA under the brand name of “Claypot Brand “ Bakuteh Spices and “Tean’s Gourmet Brand ”Bakuteh Spices.

Mr. James Tean

With such high profile, Mr. James wants to “rebrand” BKT to cater the younger generations, the “fusion BKT”. Unlike the usual coffee shop styled BKT restaurant, J Tean Kitchen is bright, classy and clean.


We started off with the J-Soup. The J-Soup is topped with crispy pastry and packed with thick BKT soup with vegetables only. The idea of J-Soup is for those who love BKT soup without the meat. J-Soup comes with generous amount of mushroom.

Pumpkin Soup

Next was the Pumpkin Soup. Creamy and thick, I was in love with this pumpkin soup. The pumpkin soup is cooked from fresh pumpkin without adding cream or other ingredients. This was delicious.


J-Knuckle is the crispy roast pork knuckle compliments with the special BKT sauce and fried potato wedges. As weird as it looks, the crispy roast pork goes well with the special sauce.
J-Porky Pie

J-Porky Pie is like other tasty pie but with different fillings. Packed with pork and creamy thick special BKT sauce, J-Porky Pie is the first of its kind. Unlike the usual and common pie stuffed with beef, chicken or lamb patty, the pork BKT infused meat was something rather unusual but clever.

Curry Ribs with Spaghetti

Curry Ribs with Spaghetti is something to have for curry lovers. Instead of the “unhealthy” yellow noodles, the spaghetti is much a better choice to go with the curry ribs.

J-Tean’s Bakuteh

J-Tean’s Bakuteh was the star of the day. From my experience, there are 3 types of soup based BKT. Firstly, Klang’s thick soup version that comes with strong scent of spices. Then we have the clearer soup version which is much watery but still indulged with the aroma of the spices. Lastly, we have the hot soup version which is strong with grounded pepper and only hints of the BKT spices. Tean’s BKT is the original thick soup version from Klang, BKT lovers should love this.

J-Pork Burger

For pork burger lovers and hunters, check out their J-Pork Burger. Again, using BKT infused sauce together with pork patty and J-Pork Burger is served with crispy potato wedges. Did I mention that they use the pork meat rather the minced pork? This is recommended!

J-Porky Bun

I thought J-Pork Burger was good but I changed my opinion after I tried their J-Porky Bun. Using fried crispy Chinese bun (mantao) as the bun, J-Porky Bun is a combination of Chinese and Western cuisine. J-Porky Bun is also comes with crispy potato wedges and it is for those who wants something bigger and extra!

Malacca Rainbow

Malacca Rainbow is one of the favourite desserts I like at J-Tean’s. It comes with generous amount of Gula Melaka and it was the perfect ending for the BKT lunch.

Malaysia Food Bloggers at J Tean Kitchen

J-Tean’s unique combination of Chinese and Western cuisine creates a clever fusion food. However, the marriage of both worlds might not satisfy stereotyped customers. Personally, I loved a few particular dishes which is the pumpkin soup,J-Pork burger and the BKT. This place is worth a try!

J Tean Kitchen Address:

Unit G-58, Ground Floor, SS Two Mall
Time: 12.30pm

Tel: 03-7954 0819


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  1. Very interesting! I particularly like the photographs. They are so up close that I can almost taste the food. The photos really do the food justice rather than the usual out of focus stuff I come across.

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  3. Wow, Iron Chef needs to check this out..Fusion Bak Kut Teh
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