January 29, 2023

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Krabi Trang Holiday Day Two Part Two: Koh Kradan Island, Emerald Cave (Marakot) at Koh Mook Island and Sunset Pak Meng Beach

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Krabi Trang Holiday Day Two Part Two: Koh Kradan Island, Emerald Cave (Marakot) at Koh Mook Island and Sunset Pak Meng Beach

This is the continuation of Krabi Trang Holiday Day Two Part One: Pak Meng Beach, Koh Chuak Island and Koh Mah Island which we posted a few days earlier. If you enjoyed our little story on part one, part two will be more adventurous.

After two snorkelling sessions at Koh Chuak Island and Koh Mah Island, we sailed to Koh Kradan Island for lunch.

The boat anchored at Koh Kradan Island and the view is beautiful. The water near Koh Kradan Island was crystal clear, we can see the corals at the bottom. The visibility of the water was good, the sea wave was calm and the weather was excellent. We got really lucky on Christmas day!

We had lunch on the boat as it was packaged with the snorkelling tour package. Don’t expect something luxurious or “heavy” since we will be snorkelling later on as well. Thus, we had an Asian style lunch. They served white rice with soup, luncheon meat, chicken, vegetables and watermelon. That was really good enough for us.

Heavy lunch is never good for snorkelling except you want the fish to get extra free food, if you get what I mean.

Thanks to the clear visibility underwater, we have clearer view of the sea corals.

Underwater pictures were taken with Olympus Tough 8000 Series.

After snorkelling near Koh Kradan Island, we went to our final destination (not the movie), Koh Mook Island or Emerald (Marakot) Cave.

In 2005, I was here but never had the chance to go to Koh Mook Island due to bad weather and strong waves so it was good to come back again for it.

There is a reason why Emerald Cave of Koh Mook Island is the main attraction of Trang. The best view of the Emerald Cave is within the island and not around the island. For that, we were required to swim into the island under the caves.

High tides or strong waves would make this trip impossible. We led by our guide and there is a rope for us to hold on.

We formed a queue and we swam into the dark. The area was pitch-dark and not even a single source of light was available. It was similar to the similar to the movie, Sanctum.

After we swam for a few minutes, we saw the light at the end of the cave.

There is a beach within the island with a small little forest.

There were already a lot of people on the beach as we went in.

If you are wondering why it is called the emerald cave, you can clearly see the emerald colour of the water and also the cave of Koh Mook Island.

We didn’t spend much time at the Emerald Cave as we were too tired.

Goodbye Trang’s four island tours!

By the time we reached Pak Meng Jetty, it was already late afternoon. There were roadside stalls near the jetty selling local delicacies.

Homemade ice cream wrapped with bread is probably some of the unique ones.

We went back to our resort and took a short nap.

Then we walked to Pak Meng beach for the sunset view. The beach is located in front of Pak Meng resort.

While some were still sleeping, the girls didn’t want to miss the sunset.

When you have a group of girls together, they tend to do weird posing for sunset photography.

We waited for the magic moment before we went back to the resort for dinner. The magic moment is a few minutes moment before the sun setting in. During this moment, the sky will turned to beautiful blue colour which will last for a few minutes.

Lastly, after dinner we all gathered and played drink games. Since liquor is cheap in Thailand, we got ourselves a bit carried away and we were pissed drunk at the end of the day. It was a fun and enjoyable day in Trang and also our last day in Trang.

Please check out our upcoming adventure stories in Krabi in the next few days, you will not be disappointed!

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