December 6, 2023


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Heart Drive 2011: Help Bangkok Flood Relief Thailand

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Heart Drive 2011: Help Bangkok Flood Relief Thailand

We heard and seen much about the flood situation in Bangkok Thailand. My 4×4 friends decided to do something in helping the Bangkok Flood Relief.
Help Thailand Flood Relief
On 26th of November, in the tradition of the 4×4 Heart Drive, they are bringing essential sponsored goods to the people of Thailand. RM 50 per head for registration and volunteer your vehicle ( 4×4 or SUV ) for the pick up and delivery. Stay in Hatyai Thailand TWO nights before returning on the 28 Nov.

The sponsored goods will be passed on to TV Station Channel 3 in Hatyai as they are currently running a food distribution programme, so there is no need to drive all the way north up to Bangkok.
Help Thailand Flood Relief
The Selangor state government, Selangor MB Tan Sri Khalid and Adun Jenice Lee has helped to raise fund as much as RM 30,000 (US$ 10,000) for this event. The state government took one day to approve the fund and they also organized the transportation of the food to the border. There are also sponsors pouring from KK Mart and also volunteers from Elite Disaster Relief Malaysia (EDRM). 

The convoy is currently on their way up north to Thailand.

We are glad and happy that the Selangor state government offered the cash aid to this meaningful charity event. Thus, Adun Jenice Lee came early to the flag off area this morning and had a lengthy chat with everyone. Hence, I was quite surprised when she knows most of the volunteers today. She is the Adun for Teratai area of Cheras and you can follow her blog on Once again, we thank everyone who helped and sponsored this event.

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