March 25, 2023

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5 Reasons to stay in Singapore with

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5 Reasons to stay in Singapore with

We travelled to Singapore twice this year, and three times last year. We have been staying different places every time we went down. Some are sponsored stay and some are on our own. We been looking at options for a better stay in Singapore and we found

Roomorama was founded on the principle that there is more to travel than visiting a checklist of tourist attractions. It is more than renting a hotel room as it is more like a home stay. Like our recent trip to Singapore, we stayed in a neighbourhood unlike the other times we stay in the city.

There are purely five reasons to stay in Singapore with


There are dozens of hotel booking websites on the Internet but only a few room booking websites are available. Roomorama stands out as the better ones.

We browsed and checked almost all the available options with Roomorama. Everything is just a matter of a simple click.

At first we enquire about the availability of the room. After that, we booked (upon availability) and paid in advance with credit card or even Paypal. Payment is via secured line and transaction. Then, we received the confirmation via email and also details of the room.

The place we stayed in Singapore
The great thing about Roomorama is the interaction between the owner and us. The owner suggested to us the best places to eat and where is the nearest bus stop or the nearest MRT Station. This saved us a lot of time researching about the place or area.

When we reached there, we mentioned our confirmation code and we were good to stay. It was like a “secret code”, hassle free.


Staying in Singapore is not cheap. In this few years, I have stayed in various types of hotels in Singapore. Budget hotels are cheap but the location is not strategic, especially planning a long stay in Singapore will cost a hole in the pocket.

Roomorama offers longer stay period than hotels and it is more affordable. You can check out their prices comparing to hotel rooms. If you want to know how their rooms look like, read on there are pictures below. Bottom line is, it is cheaper whether it is a short or long term stay with Roomorama.



They are lots of options to choose from. You can choose which area you want to stay. Different neighbourhood, different pricing. Each and every single room is listed with maps (with indications of bus stations and MRT stations). You can choose the hectic city stay or quiet neighbourhood stay.


The room we stayed is called the Cherryloft in Serangoon. It is a service apartment in a very quiet neighbourhood.

They gave us the room with a very comfortable green view. The room comes with air-cond and cable TV, more than we ask for. There were also mineral water and working desk.

The bathroom was bright and clean. It comes with hot water and clean towels.

The view from our room. =)

We were glad that the room was clean and well maintained. Comfortable stay is very important to us. We hate smelly bedrooms and dirty toilet.


We had great communications with them since we booked our stay. We received sms and email on our confirmation code before we reached Singapore. Roomorama gave us a very good impression on their services.

The receptionists in Cheffy Loft was very helpful too. As a whole, it makes our stay very easy and we enjoyed the great services. We assumed Roomorama put service as their priority.

Overall, the experience booking with Roomorama was hassle free, easy and convenient. We enjoyed our stay in Singapore with Roomorama. For those who are looking for long term stay, Roomorama is something you can consider. We are not going to say anymore, just check out!





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  1. Hi Wilee,

    So you are going to ZoukOut? Have fun in Singapore and hope this will help. Thanks for dropping by.


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