February 1, 2023

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Aberdeen Harbour, Village of Fishing Junks, Hong Kong

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Aberdeen Harbour, Village of Fishing Junks, Hong Kong

We have been posting lots of food posts in the past few days so we felt it is time for us to show one of the places we visited this year, the Aberdeen Harbour Hong Kong. One of the most popular tourist attractions in Hong Kong, we went to see what is left in Aberdeen Harbour spring this year.

On this trip, we decided to follow a half day city tour with a local tour company. We decided it was the best way traveling around the tourist attractions than traveling by ourselves and one of the stops was the Aberdeen Harbour. We were the lucky folks as we were early to reach Aberdeen. Only a bus load of tourists left as we arrived and it left us and the rest. To board on the small boat to cruise around the Aberdeen Harbour cost us additional charges, however we had no problem of paying since that was our purpose anyways.

The Jumbo Floating Restaurant in Hong Kong
Rachel went to Aberdeen sixteen years ago. The most memorable landmark of Aberdeen is the Jumbo floating restaurant. Hosted a number of Hong Kong TV series and Hong Kong films, the Jumbo floating restaurant was usually a dinner stop over for tourists in 90s.

Picture of me trying to capture a good shot of the Jumbo
This was actually my first time visiting Aberdeen and to be frank, the Jumbo floating restaurant looks still the same as it used to be. Apparently, the management refurbished the restaurant so it looks the same old the time.

This picture could be mistaken as somewhere in China, but this is Aberdeen Harbour in Hong Kong

The highlight of Aberdeen Harbour is it is the home of people living on fishing junks or fishing boats. Although Hong Kong is one of the most expensive cities in the world, it is still hard to believe there are people staying on fishing junks like in Aberdeen.

The village of the fishing junks

Maybe the numbers of the fishing junks are small or could be smaller (in time) but the uniqueness of this place is worth the visit altogether.

This picture shows the uniqueness of Hong Kong where the past collides with the present.
The most amazing thing is having this picture of the “village of fishing junks” sets as the foreground of the landscape of modern high rise buildings and condos as the backdrop. It seems to be the modernization of the Hong Kong is yet to reach them and with the skyrocketing prices of property in Hong Kong, they could be staying here for a lifetime.

This was us having fun taking pictures together on the boat.

Regardless of when you visited Aberdeen Harbour, the fishing junks are still remained the same but only the backdrop of this place changes. The half an hour ride might be short but the experience of this unique identity of Hong Kong was priceless.  We had fun in discovering Hong Kong.





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  1. Hi Ai Wei,

    If not mistaken, we paid HKD 50 per person or HKD 100 per person. It was a 20 – 30 min boat ride. Have fun!!


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