March 23, 2023

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Floating Mosque of Al-Hussain, Kuala Perlis

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Floating Mosque of AlHussain, Kuala Perlis

Last month I was invited to visit Perlis by Santai travel magazine and Tourism Malaysia Perlis. It was my first time venturing the northernmost state in Peninsula Malaysia. While many wonder what do the smallest state in Malaysia offers, there are more than I expected.

One of the highlights of Perlis or Kuala Perlis in particular is the newly built Al-Hussain Floating Mosque. Kuala Perlis is a busy getaway for tourists heading to the popular island of Langkawi added Al-Hussain Floating Mosque as the new tourist attractions.

The mosque, with its prayer hall extending out to sea, was built at a cost of about RM12 million through the sponsorship of businessman Tan Sri Mohd Ariffin Yusof and his family.

The twin minarets of the mosque would light up in different colours during the dawn and night prayer times, and guide fishermen at sea on the times for prayer. Al-Hussain Floating Mosque is the 104th mosque in Perlis and It is considered unique because it is the first floating mosque to be built in the state.

 The mosque has modern tropical resort features and is capable of accommodating 1,000 people at any one time. It is also decorated with distinctive features like twin hexagon minarets at 7.1 metres, which is believed to be the first of its kind in the world. – New Straits Times Malaysia

We did not enter the mosque as we ran late for our dinner with the tourism board. However the beauty of the mosque at night is undeniable at the busy street of Kuala Perlis.

Do stop by to have a glimpse or try to capture the best photo of the floating mosque as the sun sank behind the mosque. Once again, thank you Santai Travel Magazine and Tourism Malaysia Perlis for the invitation.

7 thoughts on “Floating Mosque of Al-Hussain, Kuala Perlis

  1. great find! I’ve been to Perlis a few times and it just made me wonder what’s so special about this small state? The best thing I like about it is that the countryside is so quiet!

  2. i recently visited kaula perlis,its very beautiful city,especially at the
    point of masjid al-hussain,its very very beautiful mosque with a beautiful voice of
    qaris(masjid imam),if i get another chance to visit malaysia i prefer to go to
    kaula perlis

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