February 6, 2023

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Blackpool City by Meitzeu

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*This is a guest blog post from a fellow travel blogger Meitzeu.com from Borneo Sabah. A very interesting blogpost on Blackpool UK.*


Thank you Wilson from “placesandfoods.com” for inviting me to write a guest post on Blackpool City, England. This will be a post on what we could do/ visit within a day at the said destination, in short – “Day Trip to Blackpool City”.An overall thought about Blackpool City, it is a seaside town of Lancashire in North West England. Often, it is also described as the “gay capital of the North” (and safe community for gay people). In the 90’s, the town was being promoted as a gay tourist destination and in Year 2006, the first gay pride celebration was being held  for the minority group (Source). As for those who have visited (include myself), we could see so many “interesting stores” at the town area, gay bars, stores selling sex toys/ themed attires and others. 😉

A group of us had traveled one (1) and a half (1/2) hour by train from Liverpool City to Black Pool City for a day trip. Due to time constrain and by foot visiting from one place with another, we were only able to visit a few recommended places (Few of the Top 10 list). As for the interesting places I have visited at Black Pool, the following will the the recommended places we have visited. 🙂


– Blackpool Tower –


Being one of the well known and oldest landmark of Blackpool (Official website). The building architectural was inspired by Eiffel Tower of Paris in earlier days (Opened to the public on 14 May 1894). There are 5 main attraction that we could admire/ enjoy ourselves, of them namely The Eye, The Dungeon, The Circus, The Ballroom and Jungle Jim’s Children’s Indoor Play.


Stanley Park 

Stanley Park (Website) opened since 2nd October, 1926, we have visited the largest park in Blackpool located at Westpark Drive, Blackpool FY3 9QS. It is definitely a place for nature lovers and a place for relaxation from the hectic environment for hours and hours. Furthermore, it is also a nice place for photography with all those blooming roses in the Rose Garden itself. Non the less, a place of dog lovers to have a pleasant time with their pet(s).
A short description regarding the Park :”As large as 256 acres, Stanley Park being Grade II listed and being
awarded the Green Flag Award winning municipal park. Besides, it was
designed around the Italian garden and is divided into four main
areas: The Eastern quarter, The Northern quarter, The Western quarter
and the Southern quarter. – (Sources)
– Blackpool Illuminations a.k.a The Lights (source)
Along the promenade, we could see a decorated street with neon lights and interesting figures, no matter day or night, the promenade will be the most happening place for visiting and entertainment. Hence, if there’s a time when we traveled to Blackpool, we should spare some times for the remarkable Blackpool Illumination. The illumination is a light festival which held for 66 days every year from early September to early November (subject to change). Beautiful lights along the promenade with beautiful people accompanied.
– Madame Tussauds Blackpool (Website) (Replaced former Louis Tussauds Waxworks)


The home to waxworks in Blackpool which located along the promenade. It may not be the most interesting one, however, for those who love too have a “personal touch” with the famous artists (Eg. Lady Gaga), we may have a close up shots with them in there too.


  – Sunset at North Pier, Promenade –

Certainly, Blackpool has one of the most beautiful Sunset and Beach. From an open Sea in the morning to a beach in the evening (as shown and it was after the low tide). It was the best Sunset experience that I ever had so far. 🙂 

And that’s complete of my to do for the previous day trip at Blackpool. 😉

Besides places that I have visited, you may check out the list of Top 10 Things To Do in Blackpool from here, which is quite a useful one for any information about Blackpool from entertainments and visiting places.

 Hope you are enjoying this entry. Good day and happy traveling!

Meitzeu 🙂

View the route from Liverpool to Blackpool with larger map

About Meitzeu at Meitzeu.com
Meitzeu is a travel blogger from the beautiful island of Borneo Sabah. She has been traveling around the world to places like UK, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and many more. She is a company secretary at work and an avid blogger during her free time. Please check out her blog and her adventures at Meitzeu.com

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  1. Hi Wilson,

    Thank you for the featuring. I do appreciate it very much! 🙂
    I hope your readers will enjoy this post too!


  2. Very nice! I regret not heading here when I was in Europe – never ventured to Liverpool both times I was there. 😡

  3. Hi Meitzeu,

    Thank you for sending your lovely story about Blackpool to us. Hope we can meet up soon.


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