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VIP Audi A8 Astra Limousines Services Sydney Australia

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VIP Audi A8 Astra Limousines Services Sydney Australia

You are VIP (Very Important Person), celebrity or a successful businessman and you deserved a top notch service. If you want a luxurious airport transfer from Sydney International Airport to your hotel, you can look for the services of Astra Limousines.

I was in Sydney for a short travel assignment on my own and the lovely people of Destination NSW (New South Wales) decided to host me. They arranged my airport transfer, my lodging and some of the tourist attraction entrances for me.

It has been almost 10 years since I stepped foot in Sydney. Those were the days were I used to wander around this beautiful city with Rachel.
It was my lucky day, I reached Sydney early and I was pleased to see my name in one of the paper boards as I exited the arrival hall. The card reads Astra limousines and I had a smile on my face.

The chauffeur was dressed in black with sunglasses like the secret service agents from the movies. He took my luggage and showed my way to my ride.
It was an Audi A8 L edition and I was thrilled. I read so much about this car and I never thought I would chauffeured by it. Many looked at me in envy as I entered the Audi A8 L.
The Audi A8 L edition is longer in length than the usual Audi A8. It has superior leg room at the back and the comfort was first class (similar to Mercedes S Class and BMW 7 Series).
I had a lengthy chat with the chauffeur. The chauffeur was surprised to know that I am a travel and food blogger as his usual clients were celebrities, businessmen and VIPs. I am the first blogger he chauffeured.
He told me that Kylie Minogue was sitting the seat I was sitting a few months ago and if he was chauffeuring a celebrity, he would close the window panel with an additional window shade. I was speechless.
This was not the first time I was treated like a VIP (#likeaboss) by Tourism Australia. In fact last year, I was chauffeured in a limo too in Melbourne. The experience was memorable and we must thank to Tourism Australia and Destination NSW for the comfort ride. Lastly, I must thank Astra Limousines for their delicate services and professionalism.

For five star services and comfortable limousine experience please contact Astra Limousines as they deserved the mention and credits!

Astra Limousines Contact and Details:

Call: 13 21 21

Facsimile: 1300 130 844

Overseas callers:             +61  1300 130 855

Email: [email protected]


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