May 31, 2023

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Enak KL MIGF 2012 Menu

I blogged about the MIGF 2012 a few days ago and before the media launch this Saturday, I got invited to one of the participating restaurants, Enak KL. I missed out on MIGF 2011 due to my workload and my traveling assignments so this year there will be more reviews on MIGF 2012 participating restaurants.

Beautiful decor at Enak KL, Starhill has identified this classic, modern restaurant to be their number four in their ‘Kuala Lumpur Top 20 Restaurants’.  Thus, it is only right that Enak KL is part of the yearly food showcase that invites the world to Kuala Lumpur. Standing tall as the fine dining restaurant that serves traditional Malay dishes, Enak KL was appointed to introduce our rich Malay dishes to the world.

Moving quick from the lovely buffet creations for Ramadhan, Enak KL is fast on their feet in creating yet another set of delectable, glamorous dishes to wow many food lovers in the upcoming Malaysia International Gourmet Festival (MIGF). Coincidently, Enak KL is nominated for TimeOut KL 2012 awards and we are participating in it as well.

Beautiful decor at Enak KL, Starhill

A household name that is no longer foreign in the Food & Beverages industry, Enak KL is known to create dishes that are witty and innovative. However, what sets them apart and at the top of the diners head is their promise – recreating traditional Malay dishes that are, unfortunately, long forgotten.

Two brains are better than one and it will inevitably create results that are beyond ones’ expectations; hence coming together, Enak KL’s team has crafted a six course meal for this showcase that has placed Enak KL at the top of their game.

Kerabu Jantung Pisang Pucuk Paku Gongseng

Like a girl, dressing to impress, Enak KL cooks to impress. Not only to impress but to be remembered fondly in the hearts of many as well. Coming in strong is one of their two appetizers; ‘Kerabu Jantung Pisang Pucuk Paku Gongseng’ – a banana balsam salad that was tossed with dry fried coconut along with wild fern salad. The Jantung Pisang was slightly spicy but nicely flavoured with kerisik, black pepper and cili padi. The result was a juicy sourish spicy Jantung Pisang.

Ikan Bakar Percik Serai Wangi

Keeping their guests to their seats, Enak KL will then serve their main dish that they have picked beforehand. There are four extensive main courses but due to unfortunate events, two main courses were not available at the time of my review. The main course for review was “Ikan Bakar Percik Serai Wangi”. Pan fried butter fish with percik sauce that consists of “kelanga”, garlic and onion. The percik sauce was sweet and blended well with the pan grilled butter fish.

Sambal Tumis Udang Petai Ubi Kayu

The other main course was “Sambal Tumis Udang Petai Ubi Kayu”. Ubi kayu or sweet potato was used to substitute as rice for this six course meal. The fresh prawn was coated with the “sambal petai” and this is usually a darling for locals.

Manisan Kelapa Muda Serawa Pulut Nangka

Wrapping up their time in Enak KL will be the sweet ‘Manisan Kelapa Muda Serawa Pulut Nangka’. Choosing only the young coconut flesh to ensure the quality of their dessert is kept at the highest standard; this dessert is rich with colorful flavors that will melt in the mouth. Matched with the timeless recipe of coconut milk stewed with palm sugar and steamed glutinous rice stuffed in the jackfruit, food enthusiasts will be left with wonderment on how this dessert was cleverly cooked. This special custard was the owner’s mother’s secret recipe and topped with soft meringue, was sweet and yet delicious.

Never mind that Enak KL is a medium sized restaurant that is surrounded with veteran, elite restaurant, Enak KL is huge with flavors, traditions, stories and love. Being a part of this majestic event is a stepping stone for this young and vibrant restaurant. With hope as big as their love for traditional Malay dishes, Enak KL MIGF dishes are ready to sail into the hearts of the many food lovers.

The full six course menu with wine pairing at RM 180++ and six course menu without wine paring is priced at RM 135++, three course menu at 80++ (without wine pairing). The menu is only available in month of October so do book ahead and enjoy the Enak KL MIGF 2012 menu. Thank you Enak KL for having us.


Enak KL Address and Contact:

LG2, Feast Floor,Starhill Gallery 181. Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur



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