February 2, 2023

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Unboxing Samsung Smart Camera NX-20

For those who follow our blog, remember to blog about the Samsung Malaysia Facebook contest? Yes, Samsung Malaysia were doing a contest to give away 20 smart cameras. You can read about it How to win a Free Digital Camera, up to 20 digital cameras to be won!

The results were out and I am one of the lucky winners. It was a surprise and the other surprise was they gave me the exact camera that I am reviewing now which is Samsung Smart Camera NX-20. It is the best camera Samsung is offering now and I delighted by their support.

I never seen such a huge digital camera campaign in Malaysia and it was a great effort by Samsung Malaysia and Manoah Consulting for such a brilliant idea.

So what’s in the box for Samsung Smart Camera NX-20?

The bundle comes with the Samsung NX-20 camera body (black), kit lens (18-55mm f/3.5-5.6), lens hood, USB cable, power adapter, Samsung SD Card, camera battery, manuals and driver disk.

The first battery charge for the camera was around 6-8 hours. The battery can last easily more than 300 pictures without flash.

The WIFI capabilities of this camera do wonders too. Hence, using the WIFI option didn’t kill off the battery that easy too.

Food picture taken with built-in flash.
I will not elaborate much on the functionality of this camera yet as I will be filming a series of short videos using this camera. The first vlog (videologue) should be up next week as I am battling the ghost in the machine. My video editing software kept crashing yesterday and in need finding a solution for that bug.

I have been using this for a few months now and the shuttle count is over 3,000 pictures. It is a very reliable camera and it works fine under dim light and it performs very well on natural shots. Stay tuned and I will elaborate more on this Samsung Smart Camera.


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