November 29, 2023


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Travel Tips: Don’t Lose It All, Time to Get Data

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Travel Tips: Don’t Lose It All, Time to Get Data

Earlier this year in one of my travel assignments, I lost my phone and I lost all the important data inside. It was my first time losing my phone not mentioning outside the country. For that, I lost all my videos which include important interviews and also my travelogues. It was totally unexpected as I had been careful on all my trips.

Data and communication are similar to relationships. It is always important for me to communicate with Rachel, my family and my colleagues while traveling and it’s always assumed that relationships are blissful – but wait! It’s not all candies and kisses, sometimes there a lot of hardship to deal with and it can be really emotionally taunting and mentally demanding. What’s worse is, pairing the idea of a long distance relationship with the sad soppy case of losing communication.

What’s going on? They seemed happy.

Although they were going to be far away from each other, they seemed like they were in it forever but then suddenly everything changed! Did he find someone else? Or is it just a simple misunderstanding? Relationships are an uphill battle or sometimes a downwards spiral – it’s really how you manage it but these two sadly went the wrong way. Who’s that guy at the end? Does he like her? And does she like him too?

Most importantly, in the case of Amy & Nick’s relationship, it shows that if there is no data, you’ll lose it all. After all, everything is on the internet now and it costs almost nothing at all. Just as long as you have data, relationships will go smooth sailing so dial *128# to sign up for any pack to have it all. So remember relationship is similar to communications, Don’t Lose it All, Time to Get Data!


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