May 29, 2022

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Air Asia 1,000,000 Free seats with Big Card

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Air Asia 1,000,000 Free seats with Big Card

Everyone is planning to wait for 15th January 2013 for the Air Asia 1,000,000 Free seats. However, we are going to book with a day ahead with Big Card. So I am getting the free seats ONE DAY earlier to everyone else just because I have a Big Card, a card for everyone and it is non-exclusivity.
big shot

What is Big Card?

Big Card is created by Air Asia to reward its customers to earn points while flying with Air Asia and also it is a Visa Debit Card that allows you to earn points by using the card.

The only card that with NO PROCESSING FEE when you purchase flights at

Still not convinced? There is no risk of debt, no credit checks or bank accounts, no annual RM50 government tax levied on the card.

The best part about Big Card is you can redeem Air Asia tickets with low points in selected Big Card’s Promo Wednesdays.
hk jan
I just purchased my return Air Asia tickets to Hong Kong next week with Big Cards with just 1,000 points and airport taxes charges apply.
big card hatyai
I know you must be thinking 1000 points are a lot. Hold your horses as they usually have promos for 10 points one way, 20 points return Air Asia tickets (excluding airport taxes). I have attached some of the sample of 20 points Air Asia airfare that I found during the Wednesday promos.
big card recent

*Recent example of Promo Wednesday on 2nd January 2013, the tickets are legit and available but on selected dates.*
The Big Card is launched last year and with my insider sources, there will be more exciting promos coming soon. Why waste the points when you fly with Air Asia when you can convert it to Big Card’s points and travel with Air Asia by just paying the airport taxes. My 1000 points might take some time to collect but if you use it for your daily debit card, it will not take long.

Go and sign-up for Big Card today because after midnight, Big Card members will have the privilege of getting the Air Asia 1,000,000 Free seats with ZERO points! Go to and apply yours today!


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