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Peel Road Satay (near SMK Convent) Latest Review

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Peel Road Satay (near SMK Convent) Latest Review

For those who didn’t know, there are two famous Peel Road satay stalls. One in Queens Hotel and one near the SMK Convent’s school. The original location for the stall near Convent was actually opposite of Queens Hotel, in front of the Shell station. The stall moved over to the current location for more than 10 years.
satay peel road stall
The debate is always there, which is the better satay stall? The one in Queens or the one near the school so I went to try out the one near the school since my parents loved the one in the Queens.
satay peel road
It seems to be there is a change of management or something. The satays were smaller in size and it has lost its magic. Somehow the taste wasn’t there anymore only left the gorgeous thick satay sauce. I was disappointed but you can really tell from the crowd. It wasn’t packed as it used to be, quality and taste was not at its best. Even so, it is still better than many ordinary satay stalls. They are still good but not impressive.

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  1. I thought this has turned tasty but its still have bot get back to the it used to be delicious satay!still nd to go to Kajang village for some really yummeh satay!

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