December 6, 2023


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Stay in a Junk in Halong Bay with

If you are planning your trip to Halong Bay, you should stay a night there, on a junk. If you want to book it early with hassle free, you should try

Simple interface and easy to navigate, contact the owner first before booking and you can also understand more about your stay and your host!
When I look over the travel sites, most of these junks cost more than US$100 per night per person until I stumbled upon Hence, I also booked 3 night of accommodation in Hanoi with them too. It is not just about the pricing but the services and how attentive all of these hosts were.
travelmob nyugen
The arrangement is to have the coach to pick us up in the city. We briefly met up with the host (Nguyen) and she bought us breakfast before our journey to Halong Bay. Our junk stay includes the sight-seeing tour so it is worth every single penny.
halong bay coach


This is the standard air condition /heated coach to Halong Bay from Hanoi.

halong bay factories

Development is going on, there is an industrial zone near Halong Bay and it is still booming.
The journey took us around four hours. On the way to Halong, we passed through the towns and also scenic view of North East Vietnam. Then we started to see the industrial zone of Halong before we reached the jetty.

halong bay junk boat transfer

From the jetty, it was just a brisk boat ride to the junk we were staying. To make things easier, there was an English speaking guide assigned to our group throughout the whole trip. Our group made up from travellers from Canada, Europe and Malaysia.
halong bay junk


This is the junk we stayed, they told us this is a two star junk.

halong bay junk room
We had the room on the highest floor, just next to the bar and the dining area. The room comes with two beds (one single bed and one Queen size bed) and we had the biggest room compared with the rest.  The room comes with a unit of air-conditioner/heater with window.
halong bay junk toilet
The bathroom well just ordinary but this junk definitely has passed its glory days. Sign of ageing is apparent but at least it is still clean. Water heater is available too.
halong bay junk dining room
The meals were included with accommodation and tour but not the drinks. It is how they make additional profits by setting this rule. From my understanding, most Halong Bay junks had the same rule and restriction. Drinks available on board include mineral water, beer, juices and so on but strangely they didn’t sell snacks as that will be a great income too.
halong bay dinner
The meals were not impressive but decent. There were two lunches, one dinner and one breakfast included for the package. Each main meal had at least six courses of vegetables and meat, we had no complains on the meals.
halong bay top deck

We can always go up to the top deck and relax on the wooden benches with the view like this.
The beauty of staying in junk is to experience the calmness of Halong Bay and also the natural scenic beauty landscape of it. Traveling to Halong Bay during winter (Oct to Feb) will enjoy the cool breeze but the surrounding area will be slightly foggy. Traveling to Halong Bay during summer will guarantees you a sun tan and you will be guaranteed a sharper view of the landscape.
halong bay junk view


Panoramic view of Halong Bay.

canoe in halong bay


Canoeing is one of the activities to do in Halong Bay.

halong bay

Overall, we enjoyed our stay on the junk booked via It is definitely cheaper than many hotel websites and online coupon sites. On top of that, you have a viable contact in Vietnam so you have no worries traveling. This is my second booking with, the most ideal website for Halong Bay cruise stay!

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  2. Tina, that skyline piructe is perfect. Skyline portraits are done so often, but yours stands out because of all of the perfectly timed and placed layers. The seagull in flight, the relaxed natural posture of your couple, the positioning and focal length creating magic bokeh in the foreground. So good!

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