June 3, 2023

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Time To get Data, Don’t Lose It All

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Time To get Data, Don’t Lose It All

This is the third instalment of Don’t Lose It All. It is story telling of communications in a different and more romantic way. Communication is always important and before the days of Skype, I used to video chat with Rachel (who was in Australia) via Yahoo! Video Chat. Those were the days and it was more than 10 years ago. No body uses Yahoo Messenger now or ICQ, even MSN Messenger is a tool of the past.

Long distance relationships take a lot of strength and courage because sometimes it can get harder and HARDER. It’s when you suddenly lose touch that you feel as though your world is going to crumble apart! In Amy & Nick’s case, Nick hasn’t replied in so long and Amy has become so depressed. But wait – now we know what really happened, is Nick okay though?


Nick was about to buy a ring when suddenly a tragedy happened! He was courageous enough to help the poor lady but did he get hurt? If only Amy knew what exactly went on but what could she have done if she knew Nick was hurt?


Without knowing all this, Amy seems to have given up on waiting for Nick’s reply. She seems to be very comfortable with Joe now. Do you think Joe is taking advantage of this situation? What do you think Joe would do if he found out Nick was in trouble?


Most importantly, in the case of Amy & Nick’s relationship, it shows that they unfortunately lost touch without data. That’s why it’s always important to fuel up on data or you might just risk losing it all. After all, everything is on the internet now and it costs almost nothing at all. Just as long as you have data, it makes managing relationships so much simpler so dial *128# to sign up for any pack to have it all.

Want to know more on the progress of this story?

The story is getting more exciting!




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