February 9, 2023

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Shuolong Town ( 硕龙) of China Vietnam Border

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Shuolong Town ( 硕龙) of China Vietnam Border

We went to Nanning – Detian – Bama in Guangxi for holiday earlier this year and we found ourselves staying in the quiet border town of Shuolong Town ( 硕龙). It is bordering Vietnam and not the most happening town we visited. We were there because it is the nearest town to Detian Waterfall.


A common sight of Shuolong Town ( 硕龙) of China Vietnam Border


It is definitely not the same with our border towns such as Golok or Dannok. The town is separated from the Vietnamese border by the Guichung river. There is not much of army presence or high barb wires even though this town is a vital town during the Chinese-Vietnamese conflict decades ago.



Beautiful quiet town of Shuolong Town ( 硕龙) of China Vietnam Border


We stayed a night as we really didn’t know what to do for more nights. The town is upgraded due to tourism and the popularity of Detian Waterfalls. You can see new buildings and infrastructures and the wealth of the Chinese government developing small towns like Shuolong Town ( 硕龙).


The kids were enjoying their rice porridge for dinner, aren’t they cute?


There are only a handful of restaurants and basically almost zero entertainment in this small town. Only small convenience shops selling instant food and local food are open at night. The only KTV shop is closed as we were told. During winter, tourism is not at its peak and we were only the weird ones traveling there. Most of the shops are selling mobile phone and sim cards, we were not sure why. We saw a few army personnel jogging around the area and some the locals having a cuppa of tea, otherwise it was just quiet.


The border plaque of Shuolong Town ( 硕龙) of China Vietnam Border


The landscape in Shuolong Town ( 硕龙) is similar to the rest of Guangxi, backdrop with little hills similar to the ones in Guilin and Halong Bay. However, in winter the temperature can go as low as 3 degree Celsius and even the conventional heater is not good enough.


Rachel pointing the Guichung river and Vietnam is just on the other side.


We walked around near Guichung river (that’s the only thing to do). Embracing the cold weather and beautiful landscape, we found ourselves relaxing in this quaint town. At night we were in our hotel room watching TV and munching some of the local food. It was only a night in Shuolong Town ( 硕龙) and one night only. It was a memorable experience.

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