February 2, 2023

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City Hall Maxim’s Palace Central Dim Sum

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City Hall Maxim’s Palace Central Dim Sum

There are plenty of dim sum restaurants or yum char restaurants in Hong Kong but only a few restaurants that come with a view. While many are going crazy with the cheapest Michelin One Star restaurant, Tim Ho Wan, there are plenty of other dim sum restaurants such as Maxim’s Palace.

On my recent trip to Hong Kong with my friends, we went to the City Hall Maxim’s Palace restaurant. It is located at Hong Kong City Hall, Central and it is just a brisk walk from Central MTR Station (exit K). The restaurant is located at 3rd floor, Lower Block but do ask around if you are unsure.

The opening hour from Monday to Saturday is 11 am while Sunday is 9 am. We went there on the Saturday morning and even before 11 am the queue was long. This is the typical Hong Kong yum char scene like how it is sound on Hong Kong dramas and movies.

As soon as 11am, the main door is opened, everyone rushed to get the best seats in the restaurant. The ambience and décor is quite “high-so” (high society) or “atas” with beautiful chandeliers and a killer view.


View from the restaurant, no complains.

There are more than 100 dim sums available here and like many other traditional dim sum restaurants, they have the dim sum trolleys.

The dim sum scene in Hong Kong is different than Malaysia. There is no sweet sauce or chilli sauce, only soy sauce is given so don’t be surprised.

The dim sum here is definitely tastier and bigger in size comparing to most dim sum restaurants in Malaysia. You can tell the difference from the quality and also the taste.

Glutinous rice with lotus leaf.


Har kau or prawn dumplings.

Dim sum is priced from HK$35 per plate and our bill came to HK$544.50 for 4 people. It is not as expensive as we thought for its reputation.

They are listed in many reputable food guide books such as The Miele Guide but you have to be early to get a table or else you will stuck at the back of the long queue.

The dim sum is definitely good and I don’t mind coming back again.


This is not a sponsored post.


City Hall Maxim’s Palace Central Address, Telephone and Contact:

1 Edinburgh Pl

3rd floor, Lower Block, Hong Kong City Hall, Central


+852 2521 1303

How to get there:

Metro: Central, exit K

Opening hours:

Mon-Sat :11am-3pm

Sun:  9am-3pm



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