April 1, 2023

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Tai Lei Loi Kei Opens in Lot 10 Hutong


A few weeks ago, I blogged about the Macau Best Pork Burger Tai Lei Loi Kei is Opening in Malaysia! Tai Lei Loi Kei is finally opened today at its flagship outlet in Lot 10 Hutong. Out of curiousity, I went to check out the Macau Best Pork Burger outlet.

It is located at lower ground floor of Lot 10 Shopping Center in the popular food court of Lot 10 Hutong and the stall is beside the Singapore’s oyster omelette stall.

With its announcement on their facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/taileiloikeimy , there are already huge crowd queuing up at the first Macau pork burger franchise in the country.

I ordered a few of their signature dishes, the infamous Macau pork burger, dry noodle with pork and their curry fish balls.

Let’s start with their signature dish, the original Macau pork burger. When I saw the picture on their menu, I thought it was a deceiving picture. You know how the actual item always turns out to be smaller from the picture. However, they proved me otherwise.

The pork burger was enormous. It was so huge, the buns looked tiny. The fried pork almost covered half of the plate! All the pork burger comes with the bun and the pork, no sauce or vegetables in between. It is the same as the Macau’s original version and they didn’t ‘localise’ the taste.

The pork was tender and juicy while the buns were toasted with butter. It was slightly dry for me but it was scrumptious. If you love your mayonnaise and chili sauce, they are available at the counter. Order the set that comes with the HK style milk tea, you won’t be disappointed.

Next was their dry noodle with pork. The same huge piece of fried juicy pork is used and topped onto their special homemade noodle. I was told that they have a secret recipe for their noodle as it was made from 95% of duck egg. You didn’t read it wrong, it is duck egg noodle. If you want something different than the pork burger, this is a good dish to order.

The curry fish balls was next and it didn’t impress me at all. Stick with their pork burger or dry noodle with pork, trust me.

The taste is similar to the ones in Macau and most of the ingredients are locally sourced. To make sure the quality of the food, the owner came down and trained the local staffs herself! It looks like there is no compromise on the food quality. Hence, there are representatives from Macau at the counter to quality control their food. Rachel didn’t manage to come with me but I will definitely bring her for the pork burger soon!


Visit their Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/taileiloikeimy for more info!


3 thoughts on “Tai Lei Loi Kei Opens in Lot 10 Hutong

  1. that’s great information! so glad i’ve found this.
    missed my chance of visiting macau when i travelled to hongkong last month and now i’m glad i wont have to travel all the way just to try it. need to give this kl spot a visit!

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