June 6, 2023

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Hokkaido Milk in Terminal 21 Sukhumvit Bangkok (นมสด Hokkaido อร่อยเข้มข้นที่สุด)

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Hokkaido Milk in Terminal 21 Sukhumvit Bangkok (นมสด Hokkaido อร่อยเข้มข้นที่สุด)

Bangkok has never stop amazes me. Even though I’ve visited Bangkok numerous times, the city never seems lack of imagination and innovation. After a few years of absence in this bustling city of Bangkok, my recent trip to Bangkok brought me to new places. One of them is Terminal 21.

A shopping mall with a concept like an airport terminal with floors designed according to their city them. A few places to name such as Paris, Tokyo, London and San Francisco. Each and every single floor even the bathroom is built and design with their assigned city name.

At the lower ground floor, I found a few food stalls in front of the supermarket. There is a food court in level 5 by the way. One of the stalls that caught my attention is the Hokkaido Milk.

Since Rachel is pregnant, we always make sure she drinks enough milk in the morning. Of course there is milk during breakfast in the hotel but we will buy more to keep in the hotel room.

The Hokkaido Milk is not cheap to say the least. It is 45 Baht each (RM 4.50) and we bought the original milk and the Belgian chocolate flavour.

The milk might taste slightly different than the ordinary but the Belgian chocolate flavour is over the moon. It is one of the best chocolate flavoured milk so far in some time. I don’t mind getting that again if I’m Bangkok in the near future. On top of the usual flavours, they also offer Yogurt drink and Ceylon Tea flavour.

From what I read and my research, the reason they called Hokkaido Milk is because the milk is important from Hokkaido Japan. I hope someone can clarify this as most articles I found are translated to English from Thai.

Hokkaido Milk Terminal 21  (นมสด Hokkaido อร่อยเข้มข้นที่สุด):

Lower Ground,

Terminal 21,

Sukhumvit Bangkok Thailand.



2 thoughts on “Hokkaido Milk in Terminal 21 Sukhumvit Bangkok (นมสด Hokkaido อร่อยเข้มข้นที่สุด)

  1. OMG HOKKAIDO MILK. yum. Everytime i go to a different country i will wanna buy their milk wan hahahah. Singapore’s meiji milk is my fave 😛

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