April 1, 2023

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Wicked desserts at Cocolat Adelaide Airport

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Wicked desserts at Cocolat Adelaide Airport

Early this year, I visited a few places in South Australia with a media trip to South Australia. I visited some of the interesting places in South Australia.

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For Malaysians who are keen to travel to South Australia, you can flight direct from Kuala Lumpur or via Singapore. Either way, you need to fly to Adelaide and from Adelaide, you will have choices to fly to other cities in South Australia.

If you are in Adelaide International Airport and waiting for your flight, you have a great place to chill out. It is called the Cocolat, it is a café inside the airport. You have checked in and you will see the café near the entrance.

It is famous for its desserts but we went there for their coffee. We ordered a latte and flat white. As expected, their coffee is reasonably good.

Gelato, spoiled by choices.

Since it is known for its wicked desserts, their gelato is legendary. Well, it is no harm having some desserts while waiting on your flight. Of course on top of the coffee and gelato, there are also other drinks and desserts available so will you Cocolat?

Cocolat Adelaide Airport Address and Contact:

Level 1,

Phone (08) 8234 3661

Email: [email protected]

Opening Times:

Open:  5am – 10pm Daily



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