December 8, 2023


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Haze in Kuala Lumpur 2013 Pictures

The haze is back again in Kuala Lumpur. It has been an annual issue since more than 10 years ago. The effects of the Indonesia’s Sumatra can be seen in Peninsula Malaysia and Singapore. While Singapore hitting their breaking record of PSI 400, there is no indicators of PSI level in Kuala Lumpur.
haze in kuala lumpur from far


(Can’t really see the city from Sungai Besi – Mex Highway)
This morning, visibly the haze has worsened. From Sungai Besi, it is hard to see the beautiful landscape of the city. It is as if the whole city has disappeared from sight. Bear in mind this is not the 400 PSI level yet so you can imagine how badly the situation in Singapore right now.
haze in kuala lumpur 2013
As I travelled from the MEX highway, the visibility is getting better when I get closer to the city. There are no indications on whether the conditions going to improve but from the reports from Singapore, it won’t be.
haze in kuala lumpur
Singapore has sent troops to try to control the situation in Sumatra. However, the damage has done.
haze in kuala lumpur scenery
Malaysia and Singapore Tourism Boards spent millions a year to promote their countries but it will be useless if they can’t stop the haze from Indonesia every year!

(By the way, the pictures are taken with Samsung S4)

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  1. It looks girm, I remember somethng similar happening in 1997. I was going to the Aussie School in Singapore and we weren’t allowed outdoors at all!!

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