March 30, 2023

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Quayside Hotel Melaka Review

There is always an excitement in reviewing a new concept hotel. In this few years, I stayed in various types of accommodations such as homestay, apartment, studio, bungalow, resort, hotels, campsites but I have never stayed in a warehouse converted hotel.

Wait, did I say warehouse converted hotel? It is not one of those creepy hotels like the ones you watch from Dark Shadow or Adam’s Family or the creepy works of Tim Burton. Quayside Hotel is artfully designed and renovated which is located by the Melaka River and a stone throw from the Stadthuys. It was once the Custom warehouse but it was abandoned for years and now converted to a three star boutique hotel.

I stayed in many hotels around Australia-Asia and I have been impressed by many hotels’ lobby and Quayside Hotel’s is one to remember. The lobby is lit up with two beautiful chandelier and also natural light from the windows.

Even though the lobby is huge but it is cooled with air conditioners.

Hence, some of the furniture in the hotels is built from recycled items. For example, the tables are built from recycled wooden palette.

They have various types of rooms and we chose the premium suite. The rates of the hotels are from RM 195++ per room and family suites are from RM 275++, what a steal!

If you think the rates are impressive, wait till you see our suite. For suites, size does matters and to add icing on top of the cake, the view is inspiring. It overlooks the beautiful Melaka River.

When I entered the suite, I found my welcome note, something that is unfamiliar with many local hotels. A welcome note is a small gesture of appreciation to its guests and it a common practise in many quality hotels.

The room is a work of art. It is one of the boutique hotels where you enjoy looking at the details.

Beautifully framed black and white portraits filled up the empty spaces on the walls.

I loved how they put two extremely large chairs in the room. If you need a place to read, you will love those sexy chairs.

The bedside light is a tailor made for Quayside Hotel. Don’t you love the details?

There is only standing shower in the bathroom with water heater, no bathtub.

Breakfast is at Halia Inc, a restaurant adjacent with the hotel. It offers local and Western cuisine for lunch and dinner.

Quayside Hotel is not just only has the beauty but also gives a long lasting impression to its guests. Parking is not an issue as they reserved a few parking spots in front of their hotel for their guests. The service staffs are well trained and the genius behind the hotel is the couple of Stuart and Shara. Both of them managed the hotel and the restaurant, Halia Inc. They are constantly improving the hotel and restaurant with new ideas and new innovations. With their vision, Quayside Hotel is going to be an exciting boutique hotel in Melaka. Get the cheapest room rates with

Quayside Hotel Address, Map and Contact:

No 1 Jalan Merdeka

Quayside Heritage Centre

Bandar Hilir, 75000 Melaka

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  1. Wow is look so lovely and big room .
    Thanks for sharing . Will want to stay there one day 😀

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