February 9, 2023

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Samsung Galaxy NX LTE Android Mirrorless Camera

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Samsung Galaxy NX LTE Android Mirrorless Camera

There is something exciting coming to your way. A brand new LTE Android Mirrorless Camera! It is the spanking brand new Samsung Galaxy NX as it was previewed to the media last month in a few selected countries. The pricing for the camera is left unknown but sooner or later it will hit the shores of Malaysia soon.

Last year, Samsung Galaxy Camera changed the scene of digital imaging in the world. Instead of just digital imaging, Samsung Galaxy Camera is a hybrid of digital camera and Android OS. It seems hard to merge the best of both worlds but Samsung Galaxy Camera is a hit in Malaysia and it sells like hot cake. I was the lucky person as I won a Samsung Galaxy Camera during the launch event and I have travelled to six countries with it and some of the pictures were on our local newspapers.

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Let’s look at the specs of Samsung Galaxy NX from Samsung Website.

Display: 4.8” HD scLCD, 0.46” SVGA EVF

Chipset: Pega-Q + DRIMe4 + MDM9215(XMM6360)

Bearer: LTE 800/850/900/1800/2100/2600

HSPA+: 850/900/1900/2100

Memory: 2GB(RAM)+ 16GB(eMMC)

MicroSD (up to 64GB)

Camera / Flash:20.3MP APS-C CMOS w/ Flash

Connectors: microUSB, USB 2.0

Wireless Connectivity: BT 4.0, WiFi a/b/g/n HT40 2.4G/5GHz


Dimension, Weight: 136.5 x 101.46 x 56mm (TBD)

Battery capacity: 4360mAh, 3.8V

OS / Upgrade: Android JB MR1

Messaging & SNS: ChatON(D/L)

Augmented Reality: D/L from Play Store

LBS: Google Maps (Turn-by-turn Navi.)

Other Services & Applications: Trouwrist, Trip Advisor, Panoramio


PC Applications: Kies (Windows & Mac), Lightroom

UI / Web Browser: TouchWiz for Android / Chrome


Audio: MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA, RA

Video: MPEG4, H.263, H.264, WMV, RV, VD-1

Recording/Playback:  [email protected]

It has the same 4.8” HD scLCD like Samsung Galaxy Camera and this is super clear. Often people mistook it as a phone due to its size and clarity. It is definitely will be a touch screen.

Samsung Galaxy NX is LTE enable and that is great news. HSPA+ is already fast but with LTE enable, this camera can fly!

Internal memory is 2GB (Samsung Galaxy Camera 4GB) but it is sufficient. For high res picture, always use the external memory instead of internal. Internal memory usually use for emergency.

Memory card is switched to MicroSD, easier to share with smart phones like Samsung Galaxy S4. The other functions are similar to Samsung Galaxy Camera. With interchangeable lens, the limitations of Samsung Galaxy Camera are solved with Samsung Galaxy NX. Can’t wait for its official launch in Malaysia!


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