October 20, 2021

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Fried OREO at Curious Squire

We heard so much about Fried Mars Bar or Fried Sneakers Bar but have you heard of Fried OREO? Now, this is something new.

(Rainbow OREO bought it from Singapore)
I am a big fan of OREO. I used to look for the variations of OREO’s flavours, they are so addictive. At Curious Squire, a popular restaurant in North Adelaide, you can find their signature Fried OREO.
curious squire


(Curious Squire restuarant)
The restaurant is located at 10 o’Connell Street and I enjoyed my dinner. It was fun and I had pizzas and burgers and end it their Fried OREO.
fried oreo at curious squire
Unlike Fried Mars Bar or Fried Sneakers Bar, you then to get the oozy texture within, Fried OREO had the same concept but the texture remains. The outer layer is crispy and fluffy while OREO remains intact inside. You must compliment it with the vanilla ice cream.
fried oreo
To be frank it is not something out of the whole but innovative and the combination works. Before you order the Fried OREO, you should check out their burgers and their beers selections. It won’t disappoint you!


Curious Squire Address and Contact:

10 O’Connell Street

North Adelaide 5006, SA, Australia

Tel: (08) 8267 6835


[email protected]


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