June 8, 2023

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Samsung NX300 Review

Remember in March, I got a sneak preview on the Samsung NX-300? It is one of the newest and most exciting digital cameras in the market. The best thing is it is a 3D compact camera enable with Samsung’s first 3D lens.

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Until recently, I had the camera for a quick review and it surpasses its predecessors. I am currently a Samsung NX-20 user and to be frank NX 300 fares better overall.

The ISO performance raised my eye brows. At ISO 3200, picture is still smooth and least noise is detected. This is a big improvement from its predecessors as high ISO noises is a kryptonite to many digital cameras out there.

Video quality also has improved. It can record FULL HD video and 3D Video (with 3D lens). However, make sure you have a Class 10 performance SD Card and above for best video recording performance. Class 4 SD Card tends to hang after a while.

The NX300 also includes i-Depth, an easy way to adjust the depth of an image using the NX Series’ unique i-Function system, which makes it possible for users to modify camera parameters using the lens itself, adjusting the image without having to move off target.


The NX300 combines a sporting and stylish, yet simple, retro feel. The contrast silver band conveys elegance and authenticity.

Available in three colours – white, brown and black – the Samsung NX300 retails at RM2,699 and is available from 8 April onwards at all Samsung retail outlets and authorised dealers.

For more information on Samsung’s digital imaging, please visit www.samsung.com/my or visit Samsung Malaysia Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/samsungmalaysia.



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