December 2, 2023


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Tareq Taylor’s Nordic Cookery on Asian Food Channel

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Tareq Taylor’s Nordic Cookery on Asian Food Channel


Exclusive Premiere: Wednesday 4 September at 9.00pm (JKT/TH 8.00pm)


Set against the beautiful natural scenery of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and

Finland, let renowned chef, Tareq Taylor show you the magical world of

Nordic cooking in this brand new season! With the fresh smell of snow and

the brisk icy winds quickly approaching, Chef Tareq will take you on a

spectacular culinary tour of Scandinavia for a mouth-watering taste of

Nordic cuisine. Join him at as he goes on a search for fresh local

ingredients and teaches you how to make your own Scandinavian feast!


The programme will be premiering on 4th September in The Asian Food Channel.

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