May 31, 2023

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Rocking Doll (ตุ๊กตาล้มลุก) Review Asiatique Bangkok

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Rocking Doll (ตุ๊กตาล้มลุก) Review Asiatique Bangkok

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the halal food in Asiatique. Asiatique is one of the latest attractions in Bangkok. Thus, it opens from 4 pm daily with free ferry services, shopping arcades and restaurants. Sounds interesting? You should put Asiatique in your to do list in Bangkok.

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While in Asiatique, I didn’t go to the fancy restaurants but dine in one of the local restaurants. Even though the review on the Internet didn’t favour this restaurant, it is still packed with locals. The restaurant is called Rocking Doll (ตุ๊กตาล้มลุก). Most of the complaints are the bad services of the staffs of this restaurant.

Rocking Doll (ตุ๊กตาล้มลุก) serves Thai food. You won’t find anything rocking or any dolls in this restaurant and most of the staffs can’t speak English. The best is to pick your dishes by pointing to the dishes on the menu.

Stir Fried Water Spinach (Kangkung). While most of us would love this stir fried with belacan, their version is with roast pork (siew yuk). It is simple and nice dish.

Seafood salad with rice vermicelli. I love the rice vermicelli and it makes a good combination with the seafood salad.

Fried rice is always comfort food. There is nothing rocking or fancy with their version of fried rice but the taste is good.

Lastly, we had the oyster omelette (oh chien). Thais version of oyster omelette is usually comes with generous amount of beansprout (taugeh). Hence, the generous amount of oysters is good enough for me.

Even though I feel the service of the staffs of this restaurant is below average, the food is definitely taste otherwise. I’m not sure why Rocking Doll (ตุ๊กตาล้มลุก)’s service is so bad despite the crowd and good food. I really hope the bosses of Rocking Doll (ตุ๊กตาล้มลุก) really look into their lack of service training. If you can bear with the attitude, Rocking Doll (ตุ๊กตาล้มลุก) is the place you can look for in Asiatique.



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  1. The seafood salad looks promising! It seems like they are quite generous when it comes to seafood i guess? quite a lot of oysters for that oyster omelette

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