February 2, 2023

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Point Drummond Pictures South Australia

Point Drummond was discovered and named by Captain Matthew Flinders RN on 15th February 1802 while sailing in the HMS Investigator on his voyage to circumnavigate Australia.

He named it after Captain Adam Drummond RN.

Point Drummond has been a popular area for fishing and swimming for many years. It is a hidden gem in Eyre Peninsula, South Australia.

The local tour guide told us it is a popular nude beach but I bet he is pulling my leg. We didn’t go fishing or swimming or stripping nude either but we do enjoy the wind and the beauty of this place.

The beauty of traveling in this part of the world is you can discover many places like this to spend some quality time relaxing and enjoying the beautiful landscape.

Point Drummond can be reached by car and the nearest town is Port Lincoln. Port Lincoln is just an hour away by flight from Adelaide.


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  1. “consummately wonderful picture with a feel to be there right now.
    ‘Great Experience’ is guaranteed when you take your holiday in south Australia. Pint Drummond is wonderful beach in south australia.

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