March 31, 2023

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BFF Steamboat Restaurant Review

Where is the best steamboat (or hot pot) restaurant I’ve tried this year? There are only a few in my list and BFF Steamboat Restaurant is one of them. BFF doesn’t mean best friend forever but best food forever.

The restaurant is located at Plaza Prismaville in Desa Sri Hartamas and they are the new kids on the block. I’ve heard some great reviews and recommendations from my friends so I decided to check it out with my family.

The restaurant offers healthy food with NO MSG. To achieve healthy and quality food, all the food in BFF are only produced by their own chefs and you can’t find it anywhere else. Everything means down to the sauces and to the common fish or meat balls are locally produced and that’s what I like about this restaurant, fresh and quality!

They have a variety of soup to choose and my favourite remains yam and fish bone soup. Please ask the waitress for recommendations as there are many unique soups available. I ordered Pork bone  and pork stomach with pepper soup and the yam and fish bone soup. When they recommend yam and fish bone soup, the first thing that comes to my mind, will it be too fishy?  The answer is no. This is one of the best soup (for steamboat) I have for many years and the pork stomach and pork bone with pepper soup didn’t disappoint at all too. It is hot but recommended for pork stomach soup lovers.

Condiments are important for steamboat restaurant. The traditional ones usually come with chili sauce and fried shallots with oil. BFF offers more, green chili sauce, dry chili sauce and my favourite, fermented beancurd sauce. There are two steamboat restaurants I’ve tried come with fermented beancurd sauce and they taste perfectly!

The beauty of the food here is fresh and homemade. Everything is made from scratch including these beautiful balls. Like I mention, no MSG! You can tell the difference in the taste, texture and the quality of the ingredients they use.

They have a variety of choices of food to order including this beautiful sliced pork.

Sliced lamb is one of my favourites for steamboat. Just dipped into the soup and when it turns pinkish, you eat it or add it with the condiment. For those who prefer it to be fully cooked, just dipped until it changes colour and ready to eat. I ordered more than two plates of this!

You should also order their dumplings. Thus, you get really quality dumplings here and they are good. They are freshly made and non-frozen food.

You can also try their fish meats or you can call them to buy any seafood you want. Please call them to pre-book certain ingredients (such as geoduck, abalones or lobsters) so the chef can get it in the market for you. I believe there are no steamboat restaurants in Klang Valley offering such services.

I truly enjoy the food in BFF Steamboat Restaurant. The yam and fish bone soup is marvellous. Hence, their fresh and quality food is also a reason for me to come back again. This is definitely one of my most favourite steamboat restaurants in Malaysia for this year. I strongly recommend this restaurant for those who enjoy healthy, quality and no MSG food. The restaurant is clean, air conditioned with well trained staffs.

BFF Steamboat Restaurant Address and Contact:

G/F ,Jalan 19/70A,Plaza Prismaville, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel: 03-6201 1918

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