January 28, 2023

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BACCHANALIA Singapore Review

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BACCHANALIA Singapore Review

If you need a recommendation for an unforgettable upcoming European Western dining restaurant in Singapore, you can check out this brand new Bacchanalia. Located 23A Coleman Street, Bacchanalia is the “New kids on the block” and they are definitely going up faster than “step by step”.

The restaurant houses big name such as executive head chef, Ivan Brehm from Brazil. It is rumoured that he is the right hand man of Heston Blumenthal of Fat Duck and his CV includes also Hibiscus (London), Per Se (NYC), Mugaritz (San Sebastian, Spain) and Osteria del Sognatori (Alba, Italy).

The restaurant itself is a beauty, occupied part of the pre-war colonial building on Coleman Street. Inside, the restaurant is intelligently spaced to two areas; dining area and the bar area.

Personally, I loved the interior. You will feel cozy with their large size chairs and their fancy dim lights. Thus, the in-house music gets you into the mood. Relatively speaking, it is a perfect place for dining or chilling by the bar with cocktails and booze. Hence, there is an award winning bar tender, Mark Graham Thomas working his magic off his sleeves on his cocktails to wow the guests.

They have a very interesting menu to choose from and  with their waiter’s recommendation, I ordered the following dishes for two.


Cauliflower Gratin

Cauliflower Gratin

Deep fried cauliflower florets, white truffle and cheese foam, gremolata.

Please do not be fooled by the simplicity of its presentation of this dish. The white foam will not taste as simple as it is. You get hints of cauliflower but the taste of white truffle and cheese foam is simply irresistible. If you ask me what is the best dish of the night? This will be one of the contenders and I will definitely go back just for this.


Foie Gras Satay

Foie Gras Satay

Sous vide foie gras with tamarind and lemongrass fluid gel, grated chestnuts and peanut satay.

What is clever than sous vide the foie gras with tamarind and lemongrass fluid gel and topped it with grated chestnuts and the peanut satay. The texture is soft and it goes well with the sauce. This is a must for foie gras lover.

Wagyu Short Rib

Wagyu Short Rib

48 hour braised tajima wagyu short rib (Grade 6 marbling), pickled radish, daikon.

Look at the beautiful pinkish colour of the short rib! The meat is tender and it is almost as memorable as Kobe beef I had in Kobe. It goes very well with the pickled radish and you can’t go wrong with a Grade 6 marbling!


Prawn Risotto

Prawn Risotto

Garlic oil poached prawn, compressed radicchio di Treviso, strawberries, burrata

There are many version of risotto but I believe this is the closest to the original risotto (if not mistaken). It has a soft texture and the combination of the taste is good. The garlic oil poached prawn is the icing on top of the cake. It is good enough to have the risotto alone, this is recommended.


Pineapple Tatin

Pineapple Tatin

Slow cooked pineapple in vanilla syrup, pistachio crumble, cardamom – vanilla ice cream

I was sceptical to order this but the waiter assures me this is good. And he didn’t lie, this is really good. To be frank I’m not a big fan of pineapple but this is sure something that blows my hats off.




Marsala mousse, coffee ganache, cocoa gel, blackcurrant sorbet

The dinner ends with tiramisu and the blackcurrant sorbet. Try to have the tiramisu first and the sorbet and the other way around as you get to play around the flavour.

Portions are bigger than appetizers but smaller than main courses because they encourage guests to share multiple dishes and take food from each other’s plates. It is a very Asian way of dining but you get to taste many different dishes.

Bacchanalia is definitely a contender to be listed in one of those top 50 or top 100 Asia restaurants guide. It is a matter of time that you will see this restaurant rise and shine as one of top Singapore’s finest restaurants.



This is not a sponsored post by Bacchanalia but the bill is sponsored by Singapore Tourism Board.


Bacchanalia Address and Contact:

23A Coleman Street, Singapore, Singapore 179806

Tel: +65 6509 1453



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