June 8, 2023

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Shuolong Town China

I don’t know what knocks on my head until I travelled here from Nanning, capital of Guangxi China. It was hours of van ride and only a handful thing to do at this part of the world. Across the river is the Vietnam border and the town is boosted by tourism mainly for Detian Waterfall China.


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Dubbed as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Asia, thousands come to visit the waterfall in weekly basis. Like the town, Vietnam is just a swim away.

A quiet town and it sees a little development but the locals are as friendly as ever. It is unlike any developed cities but yet it is not so ancient. You hardly see any century old houses because the town is built during the tension days with Vietnam. There is a little history behind this town, good experience but nothing else to impress. Nevertheless, it was a unique experience.

To go to Shuolong Town, you have to travel by van from Nanning. The journey took 3-4 hours.

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