October 5, 2022

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Ban Leong Wan Hoe Famous Chilli Crabs

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The “lam yue” (red fermented bead curd) fried chicken wings. 

Before moving onto the Chilli crabs, they have another signature dish under their sleeves. The “lam yue” (red fermented bead curd) fried chicken wings.  Chicken wings marinated with lam yue and deep fried to perfection. It is hard for fried food to goes wrong. This is addictive.


Famous chilli crabs

Lastly, is their famous chilli crabs. Unlike Malaysia, Singapore has the luxury of sources of Sri Lankan crabs. In Malaysia, we often eat mud crabs from Indonesia or Philippines. It is tough to get Sri Lankan crabs. Even though the price of Sri Lankan crabs is so dear in Malaysia, it shocked me to find out it is cheaper in Lion City.

By looking at those chili crabs, you just can’t stop drooling. The fresh Sri Lankan crabs are tasty and goes so well with the chilli paste. Their chili paste is cooked with egg is not that spicy though so it is missing the “kick” for spicy lovers. However, the overall taste is not a disappointment. The chilli crabs go well with their soft “mantou” (Chinese buns). I usually ordered two plates of “mantou”.

The dinner only sums up to less than $100 with drinks and GST. I enjoyed the food there and it is worth my trip to Casuarina Road. They might not be the best Singapore chilli crabs but boy they are still tasty! Will definitely go back there again.

Disclaimer: My lovely aunt from Singapore paid for the dinner.


Ban Leong Wah Hoe Seafood 万隆华和海鲜菜馆 Address, Contact and Tel:

122 Casuarina Road

Tel: 6452 2824

Website: Banleongwahhoeseafood.com.sg

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