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6. Love the white meat

Luckily, chicken is top of my food pyramid and fish is getting there too. Avoid having too much red meat such as pork, beef and mutton and try to eat more white meat like chicken or fish.

Having white meat doesn’t mean you need to deep fry it. Try to have your chicken (preferable breast meat) or fish steamed or grilled. Don’t spoil it though with oil or too much seasoning. Keep it simple.

7. Weigh yourself

This is a daily route that you need to make it habitual. Weigh yourself the first thing in the morning and keep track of it every day.

When I started at 101kg and I went down to 92.5kg after 28 days, I keep track on my weight daily. Even sometimes I cheated on a few days of my diet, I make sure I didn’t gain that much.

Make sure you check on your weight especially a few days of feasting so you can lose it back fast! Don’t wait till the next week.

That’s how I put on 10kg for 2013 because I keep on believing I will lose back the extra kilos on the next week or on the next month. There is no wrong to enjoy sinful food but you just can’t overdose with it.

8. Drink plenty of water

Water is essential for your body and it is one of the ways for your body to expel the fats from your body. Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated and don’t worry so much about water retention.

I drink at least three litres of water daily and try to stick with it every day. I have bottles of water everywhere especially in the car.

9. Exercise

Exercise is very important to lose weight. Ideally you need to exercise three times a week to maintain your weight. Half an hour on treadmill can do wonders to your body.

However, I still can’t find time to do so and I compensated it with a two and half hour of badminton session every week. Thus, I believe any form of exercise is good for your body if not how will you burn your fat?

10. Consult a physician

This is the most important thing before you start any lose weight programs. Visit a qualified physician and not a beautician or a sales person.

A physician will evaluate your body and what do you need to do to lose weight. Many of us so sceptical on diet programs but none of us realize how much damage a piece of fried chicken can do harm to our body and same goes to a stick of cigarette.

Never think that you know your body too well. If that so, you won’t be overweight or obese. There are certain people who can’t get fat even eating so many sinful food but they might be having high cholesterol. Some might have genetic issues like diabetic or high blood pressure.

Consult a physician for a piece of mind. For me, I consulted Dr. Jasmine from UOA Mediviron Clinic.

Read: The Weight Loss Program at Mediviron UOA Clinic


You probably note a bit of difference on my tummy and my double chin.

I’m still heavier than I’m used to be but losing 8kg is such a relief!

For the course of 28 days, I have lost around 8 kg. I am around 93kg now from my previous 101kg. Thus, I completed the course during the Chinese New Year and I did break my diet in a few occasions. If not, I will lose further. Now, it is the time for me to maintain the weight or to lose further.


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5 thoughts on “Ten Simple Steps to Lose Weight

  1. cutting the carbs and fat is really difficult in this country.
    most our foods consist of easy to digest carbs mainly and high oil foods. and especially when eating out.
    but yes. diet is key.

  2. I’m doing about the same for the past 3 weeks. Easy and rewarding physically and mentally. I workout 3-4 times a week and have high metabolism rate normally so I take a bit more carbs in my meals (as whole wheat as possible)

    1 blended juice (banana, blackcurrant, skimmed milk), eggs, bran cereal

    anything without too much fat (peel off chicken skin); about 70% full

    afternoon tea:
    blended juice (bittermelon, green pepper, green apple, lemon with skin; half each)

    no dinner or minimum meat or fruits after workout

    you’re right. 30 mins cardio can do. keep it up!!!

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