November 28, 2023


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Magic Eye 3D Museum Hatyai Review

There are plenty new things to do in Hatyai. The new shopping mall, Central Festival Mall and there is a new attraction in Hatyai that is the talk of the town. It is the Magic Eye 3D Museum that offers more than an ordinary museum.
magic eye 3d museum hatyai
It was opened recently and it has been getting many positive reviews from locals and tourists. The Magic Eye 3D museum is located at 1408 Kanjavanich Road and it is within walking distance from Central Festival Mall and the weekend night market.
magic eye 3d museum
Bring your camera and at least bring a companion along and you will enjoy this museum. It is fully air conditioned and the entrance fee is 300 Baht discounted from its initial fee of 400 Baht and you get a pair of socks as you cannot wear shoes or sandals within the museum.
magic eye 3d museum target
Most of the floors are painted so wearing socks will not damage the flooring. At a glance, you will see many colourful walls painted in different themes. The paintings on the walls might look ordinary and flat but the magic starts when you captured them in your camera.
magic eye 3d museum surfing
The paintings on the walls are smartly designed and created for pictures only so you have to stand or interact with the paintings to create the 3D realism. There are many staffs in the place and they will guide you to take the best picture with each painted wall. Thus, there are also photographs to guide visitors on how to take the best picture and foot signs to guide you where to position yourself.
magic 3d eye museum titanic
That’s why it is important for you to have a companion or a group of family or friends to participate and interact with the paintings.
magic eye 3d museum mona lisa
There are too many theme walls to explore until I have lost count. There are also painted flooring that you can interact with.

magic eye 3d museum rock climbing
The best part to visit the Magic Eye 3D is to gather your friends and family together to enjoy quality times and having fun times taking pictures with the 3D inspired walls. The more is merrier.

Please keep your ticket for discounts on purchases in their café near the entrance of the museum.

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Magic Eye 3d Museum Address, Contact, Map and GPS:

1408 Kanjavanich Road, Hatyai

Songhkla THAILAND 90110

๑๔๐๘ ถนนกาญจนวณิชย์ (สามแยกคลองเรียน)

ตำบลหาดใหญ่ อำเภอหาดใหญ่ จังหวัดสงขลา




LINE ID: 3dmagiceye

P  074-559-111  โทรศัพท์ ๐๗๔-๕๕๙๑๑๑

M 089-8666-282 มือถือ(ais) ๐๘๙-๘๖๖๖๒๘๒

F  074-559-400 โทรสาร ๐๗๔-๕๕๙๔๐๐

GPS: 6.996580, 100.487492

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