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The Climb

There are options of climbs available. Most of the climbs take at least 2 hours with the discovery climb taking more than three hours. The briefing takes around half an hour with climb preparation, gear and equipment briefing and testing.

You might read about the over 1000 steps but do not fret, the climb is very gradual. There is an American lady celebrating her 71st birthday with the climb. A few more in the group comes from other parts of the world.

The most important thing about the climb is the alcohol content in your body. If you had quite a couple of drinks a night before you might fail the breathalyzer. They are extremely strict with this due to safety and security reasons and they have the rights to decline your climb.

On the softer note, there is a climb leader will brief you from “a to z” about the climb and the equipment we using like the radio walkie-talkie and the harness.

We are not allowed to bring anything except the watches or the spectacles. Thus, everyone must wear the jumpsuit provided and only the leader has the camera. He/she  will take care of the pictures and trust me he knows his stuffs for the best angles and the best places to stop for pictures.

When everything ready to go, we cling our harness to a few kilometres long steel cable. The cable goes all the way from the start and to the finish.

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