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The Historical Brief

The climb or the walk starts at beneath the bridge. There are plenty of stops as the leader explains the history and story of each part of the bridge. Some of the stop includes drink fountain for quick refreshment. At any point of the climb if you feel uneasy, the tour leader will do the necessary. For example a couple from Europe wanted to go to the loo urgently, the tour leader contacted the team to escort them and joined the next team.


From the blue granites to the measurement of the bridge, the tour leader knows everything. He is the walking dictionary or the walking radio of the Harbour Bridge. He/she makes his story short, simple and funny as the group smiles all the way up to the top and back.

You get to learn so many things about the bridge when you go up close and personal with the bridge. It is not just a bridge as you will learn so many fun facts about this iconic bridge.


The Total Experience

The total experience is unbelievable. I love the total experience as a whole. Thus, I enjoy the slow pace climb and also all the historical details during the climb.

After three hours, our group back to the starting point and everyone comes back with a smile on their face. It might not be as vigorous or adventures some might anticipate but it is a fun climb. It is truly the climb of your life.

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