December 8, 2023


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5. Fishball Lobak

This is not the deep fried lobak from Kuala Lumpur, Penang or Singapore. A plate of Melaka fishball lobak cost only a few ringgit, it depends how much you want. The fishball lobak consist of fried fishball, crispy “cracker”, fried taufu (beancurd) and fried yam with cucumber and sweet starchy paste and also chili sauce.

This is a typical fishball lobak, a Malaccan food which is easily available at most stalls in Melaka. They are extremely addictive!

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0 thoughts on “Top Ten Melaka Food

  1. These are not the good melaka belachans. The true blue ones are a large pink ball. These dark pieces are more Penang style.

  2. Ah Boy Asam Fish near Pasar Borong very famous. However, the owner is not honest. When their business in the shop is pack, they tried to put small plate meal into big plate and sold as big plate price. Please be aware when you visit next time.

    Ah Boy Asam Fish 近 Pasar Borong, 商家不诚实,欺骗食客,客流量多时把小碟菜剩去大碟,以高价出售。请帮忙提点食客,尤其是外乡人,万一把马六甲名给丢了就不好。

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