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Top Three Wantan Mee in Cheras

Wantan mee or wonton noodle is a popular food in Asia. However, there are many variations of wantan mee in the region, even in Malaysia. In the southern states of Peninsula Malaysia, wantan mee is served with either no dark sauce or with chili sauce and ketchup. Thus, the southern version also uses “char siew” (BBQ pork belly) that uses red dye instead of the BBQ version in Kuala Lumpur.

There are many areas with good food in Kuala Lumpur and Cheras is one of it. Cheras was an old mining area turned to residential in decades ago and it has one of the highest populations of Chinese. There are three extremely popular wantan mee places in Cheras that are high recommended.

1. Hung Kee Shamelin

Hung Kee is actually a popular wantan mee restaurant in Jalan Loke Yew and a couple years ago a group of investors bought their brand and shop and opened a branch in Taman Shamelin Perkasa Cheras. Coincidently, it is near my previous workplace so I get to eat their wantan mee at least once a week.

Hung Kee’s version of wantan mee uses a few types of oil to mix the noodle and that’s why their noodle is fragrant. If not mistaken, it should pork lard oil and sesame oil. The other highlight of their wantan mee is their char siew, siew yuk (roasted pork belly) and roast duck. The char siew and siew yuk in particular are definitely one of the best in Kuala Lumpur. The presentation of their noodle might be messy but the taste is otherwise. There is a reason why they so many regular customers and it is because the food is good.


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Hung Kee Opening Hours:

Open daily, 6.30am-10pm


Hung Kee Taman Shamelin Perkasa Address, Tel and Contact:

18-20 Jalan 4/91, Taman Shemelin Perkasa Cheras,

55100 KL

Tel: 03 9282 0133

8 thoughts on “Top Three Wantan Mee in Cheras

  1. Dear reviewer if you consider soup wanton noodle instead of merely dark sauce dry type. There is one at Taman Yulek in the evening that will top your list.
    It is a road side stall just outside Cosway in evening along the main hawker street. It is a stall by itself with an ice Kajang stall at Cosway door step. Try it, and you might agree with me

  2. Just had a really nice wanton mee today at PUJ and that triggered me to find out more of best wanton mee around. These 3 places looks interesting especially the pork rib wanton mee. Will check it out soon.

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