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3. Yulek Wantan Mee

Previously known as Meng Shiang wantan mee, the stall owners decided to open their own restaurant. This is probably one of the wantan mee restaurant  that showcase their greasy char siew (BBQ pork belly).

They have been selling delicious wantan mee since 1982 and recently allocated to their own restaurant. The highlight of their wantan mee is obvious, their char siew. I always love to order their “three layer” char siew as it is usually tender but insanely sinful. They are very generous with the portion of their char siew and they are usually packed during lunch hour.

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Yulek Wantan Mee Address, GPS and Tel:

16, Lorong Durian,

Taman Cheras,

Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 016-2436221

GPS: 3.102172, 101.743170


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8 thoughts on “Top Three Wantan Mee in Cheras

  1. Dear reviewer if you consider soup wanton noodle instead of merely dark sauce dry type. There is one at Taman Yulek in the evening that will top your list.
    It is a road side stall just outside Cosway in evening along the main hawker street. It is a stall by itself with an ice Kajang stall at Cosway door step. Try it, and you might agree with me

  2. Just had a really nice wanton mee today at PUJ and that triggered me to find out more of best wanton mee around. These 3 places looks interesting especially the pork rib wanton mee. Will check it out soon.

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