February 6, 2023

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Five Things to do at Scenic World Blue Mountains

Just a few hours train ride from Sydney CBD, you reach to the beautiful Blue Mountains National Park. It is about 100 kilometres west of Sydney and there are two beautiful towns in this area, Katoomba and Leura.  In Katoomba Blue Mountains, there is one attraction you should visit. It is the Scenic World, a private owned tourist attraction located in the UNESCO World Heritage Listed Blue Mountains New South Wales, Australia.

There five things to do at Scenic World and a gentle reminder for smokers, you can’t smoke in Scenic World and there are plenty of parking bays and it is FREE all day long. Thus, they have the largest souvenir shop in New South Wales. The five things to do at Scenic World Blue Montains are:


1. Scenic Skyway

Before I start, I advise everyone to get the free map at the ticketing counter so you know where you will be heading. Remember to get hydrated before you start your adventure in Scenic World.

Scenic Skyway is one of the top five things to do in Scenic World and remember it is up to you on which one you want to do first. I did Skyway first just because I want to capture the scenery at that time.

The cool thing about Scenic Skyway is it glides between two cliff tops and you will be suspended 270 metres above ancient ravines.

To make it interesting, you can have the best view of the rainforest through the glass floor. It takes some courage to stand on top of the electro-glass cabin floor. For the ones with weaker hearts, you can stand on the solid flooring and still can enjoy 360 degree views.

The 720 metre journey gives you the best views of Katoomba Falls, the Three Sisters and the Jamison Valley. Since you are suspending 270 metres on top of the ravines, you get the best top view of Katoomba Falls. Trust me, the view of the Katoomba Falls is stunning!

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