March 22, 2023

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Why Sushi Zanmai is so popular in Malaysia?

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Why Sushi Zanmai is so popular in Malaysia?

Every time I walked pass Sushi Zanmai outlets in Malaysia, it is often packed with long queue. It has become a common sight except you visit them during their opening times. There are also other competitor “kaiten” (conveyor belt) sushi restaurants around but they are currently is the most popular one.

There are a few big brands in kaiten sushi restaurants in Malaysia. Most of them are still doing quite well and each and every one of them still has their niche and customer based.

Sushi Zanmai offers sushi starting from RM 1.80 per plate before tax. It is by far the cheapest in the market. The price list is RM 1.80, RM 2.80, RM 3.80, RM 4.80 and RM 6.80. Other special sushi sets will be dearer and that exclude set meals too.  Thus, they sell it “cheap” but they make it back by volume and the cost factor makes it affordable to the mass.

They have 100 assortments of sushi and they hit the right flavour too. I loved their cheesy “mentai” (fish roe) sauce sushi and it goes very well with our Malaysians taste palette. Thus, I love their choices of sushi varieties too and they are not ‘boring’.

Service is always critical in food and beverages business and they are doing quite well in terms of service in general. Hence, that’s why they need to excel in their service to make sure that the turnover of customers is high. Their outlets are usually in popular shopping malls so it is convenient and strategically located.

I do patronize Sushi Zanmai but I visit Pasta Zanmai more as I dislike the queuing part. My last visit was pretty good in general however the fried food for their temaki was cold so it was quite unpleasant. Other than that, they are a fun and affordable kaiten sushi restaurant to visit. More info on their outlets at

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3 thoughts on “Why Sushi Zanmai is so popular in Malaysia?

  1. I guess one of the reason many people love Sushi Zanmai is because of the price – cheap and affordable. How I wish Sushi Zanmai would consider opening one outlet (at least) in KK? I miss their sushi especially with mentai.

  2. – Their temaki didn’t please me at all.
    – Worldcup theme sushi was totally disaster.
    – Some Waiter who work in sushi zanmai outlet got hearing problem about “large” or “normal” portion.

    However their bento was quite good actually.

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