December 7, 2022

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5. Long Exposure Shot. This bridge is called the Webb Bridge at Southbank Melbourne, sitting on top of the Yarra River. If you can see the light trails, it belongs to the cyclists. This is another long exposure shot capturing light trails.



6. Steel wool photography street edition. I shall not disclose the exact location of this place but I love the steel wool long exposure effect. Please take note that swinging the steel wool is dangerous and please seek professional help to take such photography. Thank you Wilson Wong for all the tips.


7. Steel wool photography beach edition. We were suppose to capture the Milky Way by the beach but the weather didn’t permit. It was too cloudy and too windy. We waited until 1 am in the morning embracing a six degree Celsius temperature and we tried the steel photography instead. It was a success!


8. Steel Wool photography beach side edition II. This is my favourite steel wool photography picture even though it cropped the reflections. This is the beauty of long exposure shot, captured with Samsung NX 30.

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