July 5, 2022

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12 apostles heli ride great ocean road


25. Great Ocean Road and Twelve Apostles Aerial View. My advise is to take the Twelve Apostles Heli Ride and capture pictures like this. You won’t regret it.

bay of martyrs


26. Calmness at Bay of Martyrs. This is another long exposure shot with colour correction. Time for you to invest on a good tripod and ND filters.

great ocean road 12 apostles calm


27. Sunset at Twelve Apostles. I tweak the colour temperature and did a long exposure for this. It was crazy wind that evening and it wasn’t easy to capture a steady shot. Glad to capture this.


melbourne day 2 bill and wilson


28. Brothers. The left handsome mate with glasses is Bill from Samsung and I am the fat dude with the thick jacket. Thank you Geetika for capturing this beautiful picture of us in Victoria Market.

I have posted 28 pictures for now and there are plenty more to come soon. Thank you again Samsung and Tourism Victoria for this awesome NX Traveller photography trip. Go Team Melbourne!

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