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Kai Tod Daycha Hatyai Famous Fried Chicken

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Kai Tod Daycha Hatyai Famous Fried Chicken

A few days ago, I was chatting with Tourism Authority of Thailand friends and we talked about food in Thailand. One of the places we brought up is the Hatyai famous fried chicken and it is called Kai Tod Daycha. It is probably the best fried chicken in Hatyai and it is very popular among the local and it is HALAL.
kai tod daycha hatyai
It is located at Cheeautid Road and it is a typical roadside restaurant. Non air condition and packed with customers. The restaurant opens at 11 am to close at 10 pm daily.
kai tod daycha hatyai tomyum
There is another popular food at Kai Tod Daycha, Tom Yum. This is definitely a must order as this is really good. Nothing beats a warm bowl of tom yum for the meal starts.
kai tod daycha hatyai minced chicken
Stir Fried Minced Meat (chicken) is another popular dish. This flavour of Thailand is a common local food and this goes well with rice.
kai tod daycha hatyai cuttlefish
The Cuttlefish with Soup is to die for. Fresh chopped cuttlefish cooked with flavourful spicy and sour soup, you have no complaints.
kai tod daycha hatyai fish
Fried Fish Special. This reminds me of the flying fish of Bali. The fish is deep fried to perfection with crispy outer layer and soft inner layer. It is hard to go wrong with fried food but it is hard to perfect it, this is addictive.
kai tod daycha hatyai fried chicken
Their fried chicken is not your ordinary fried chicken you can get in Malaysia. Marinated in their secret recipe sauce, it is deep fried to crispiness. Compliment with their special sauce, there is no harm for us to order the second and third plate of this. If you never tried this famous fried chicken before, you should come and have a taste of it. There is no harm trying good food after all.

Thank you Tourism of Thailand Kuala Lumpur for bringing us to this hidden gem in Hatyai. The plus point of this is this is a Halal restaurant so Muslim friends can come over for some good food.

For your information, Southern Thailand has a very high population of Thai Muslims so Halal food in this part of Thailand is relatively easy to find. Hatyai is the biggest city in Southern Thailand and it has been a popular tourist haven for Malaysians for many decades. The places of interest, food and shopping in Hatyai are extremely popular with tourists. You can fly to Hatyai or self drive to the city from Bukit Kayu Hitam. Self drive in Thailand is easy, fun and safe.

This is a sponsored post by Tourism Authority of Thailand Malaysia.

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Kai Tod Daycha Hatyai Address, Contact and Telephone Number:

Cheeautid Road

Tel: 087-2895008, 081-0983751

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  1. I love it and it is very enjoyable and so damn delicious! Btw i started to fall in love with one of the waitress . Yep,one day im going there again.

  2. Second time going there and still enjoying the food so damn much. Keep it up with the delicious food and i gave 5 star for this shop

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