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Melbourne City in Black and White with NX Travellers

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Melbourne City in Black and White with NX Travellers

Again, I want to thank you Samsung Malaysia for selecting me to represent Malaysia as the photojournalist for this remarkable NX Traveller photography tour. This is the 2nd year in running for this NX Traveller program after the inaugural was in Hanoi Vietnam. Winners, media, photojournalists, KOL (Key Opinion Leaders), Samsung representatives from Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore get together and travelled to two different cities in Australia; Melbourne and Sydney. I have post some of pictures at my previous story at Samsung NX Traveller Melbourne Pictures

Now, I have shot the city in black and white using my Samsung NX 30 while I have converted a few to black and white. Before colour comes into the picture, photography is always black and white. Even without the colours, black and white photos are still a beauty. Below are some of my black and white pictures, I hope you like it.

melbourne city bw wonderland


Melbourne is a city associated with arts and food. Many back alleys are painted with beautiful street art.  Even though in black and white, the street art still looks impressive.

melbourne city bw trees


The beauty of travelling to Melbourne during winter is you get these beautiful naked branches and twigs. They look awesome in black and white.


melbourne city bw trees building


Within in the Melbourne CBD (City Business District), you still can find trees along the roads. Just go under the tree and look up and you will be blessed by its beauty.


melbourne city bw royal arcade


The Royal Arcade is a majestic arcade that looks stunning even in black and white.

Melbourne city bw bike lane


Yes, Melbourne is bicycle friendly city. There are bicycle lanes in selected roads in CBD area but you still need to ride safely.

Melbourne city bw bike tour


Melbourne bicycle tour is a popular thing to do. Try their three hour bicycle ride with a host and get to know Melbourne better with two wheels.

melbourne city bw sunset


At Southbank, you get beautiful scenic view of the city and it is mesmerizing during sunset. Remember to bring your tripod there to capture some great pictures there.

The photography trip offers more than just learning photography tricks, tips and concepts. I met many new friends who we still kept in touch till today. Thank you once again Samsung and Tourism Victoria for this eye opener NX Traveller trip.

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