December 8, 2023


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Curry King Plus Incheon International Airport

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Curry King Plus Incheon International Airport

So it was the China’s national holiday and Incheon International Airport was packed with Chinese tourists. Yes, Seoul is a favourite destination for Chinese (actually all around the world) and most of the shop attendants speak Chinese. If you can speak Chinese Mandarin dialect, you will no problem in communicating with the Koreans in Incheon International Airport.

incheon international airport

The airport is around one and half hour car ride from Seoul and it looks still new. The facilities and the service is top notch and most important of all, is there any good food in the airport.

Yes, there are two food courts in the airport (after you clear the immigration) near Gate 30. Please check the directory and both food courts are located on the upper floor. You can have options of local and International food (Food Capital).
incheon airport curry king plus food capital
In Food Capital, there are many choices of International food and one of the striking menus is from Curry King Plus. The pork cutlet curry looks very appetising and it is priced at W 6,400 and for spicier version is W 6,500.
incheon airport curry king plus pork cutlet
The pork cutlet curry is as good as it looks like. Even though I am not a big fan of Japanese curry but the pork chop was deep fried to perfection and dipped onto the fragrant Japanese curry. Take note that the rice served in Korea is similar to the ones in Japan so this is a great combination. This might not be the best but it is definitely worth a mention. The meal portion in Korea is usually quite big. By there is a water dispenser at the back of the food court so water is free.

Curry King Plus Incheon International Airport  Address and Contact:

3F, Food Capital near Gate 30

Tel: 82-32-743-6988

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