March 30, 2023

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What do you need to drive to Thailand?

There are plenty of places to visit in Southern Thailand or you can be adventurous enough to drive up all the way to Bangkok. Driving in Thailand is fun and easy but what do you need to drive to Thailand? Here are the things you need to do to drive up to Land of Smiles.

1.     Valid Malaysian Passport or Malaysia / Thailand Border Pass. Make sure your passport is at least six months ahead of date of expiry.

2.     Car registration card. Only original car registration card is accepted and no photocopy is allowed.

3.     3rd party Thai insurance. You can purchase the 3rd party Thai insurance at Malaysian – Thailand border. This is compulsory.

4.     Valid Malaysian driving license or International driving license. You can purchase the International driving license with your valid Malaysia Driving license.

5.     Should you be driving a car that belongs to someone else, then an authorisation letter from the owner of the car allowing you to drive the vehicle in Thailand.

Safety first and remember to plan your journey to have a hassle free driving trip. Remember to do a car inspection checklist before your road trip!

Car Inspection Checklist before road trip

  1. Check your engine oil. Make sure the engine oil is within the safe level and car is service accordingly.
  2. Check tire thread. The tire thread should be visible and there should not be any visible crack signs around the tire.
  3. Check tire pressure. You can check behind the fuel cover to check the right tire pressure for your tire. Make sure the spare tire is in good condition and also in proper tire pressure.
  4. Water tank level. Make sure the water tank level is adequate and also the coolant tank is filled with coolant or water. Coolant is available in selected petrol station.
  5. Brake Oil Level. It is important to check your brake oil level before you start your journey. You can purchase brake oil in selected petrol stations.
(Southern Thailand offers some of the beautiful beaches in the region, this picture is taken in Pattani)











Driving in Southern Thailand is safe and fun but do remember to update the GPS unit with Thailand Map if you intend to use your GPS unit. There are no tolls in Southern Thailand and also on the highway to Bangkok.

3 thoughts on “What do you need to drive to Thailand?

  1. Hi Bro,

    On #2 – Is it ‘Geran kereta’? If yes, from my past experiences, we can still use the copy. For the past 4 times of my trips to Phuket/Krabi and 3 times to Hatyai, I never showed them the original. But, If we can get a ‘certified true copy’ then, it’s better. Yes, you need authorisation if your car belong to someone else. But sometimes, people just write a fresh handwriting letter then give them on the spot. How to get the owner to sign if they live 600km away? (I’m talking about Sadao border). If you put RM2 inside the passport, everything will be okay.

    Take note, in Thailand, if you’re big (car), but some stupid rider hit you on you back. You’re still wrong. So be carefull with someone who ride or drive vehicle smaller than you.

    Beware of Farang (mat saleh) especially if they ride a bike.

    If you drive our national car (Proton/perodua), please check, if anything happen, can we use other spareparts (honda/toyota)?

    Drive at 90kmh/100kmh. Unless you know any speedtrap spots. Else, either you get a ticket, or they will ask you 100bath for each head!

    They don’t know “Ikut kiri jika tidak memotong”. Sometimes, a truck driver will drive 60kmh at the right lane. So be carefull.

    Yes, their ‘highway’ is free and 2 lane. But be carefull especially when it’s rain.

    this is the most important. Please make sure you chop your passport and give back your insurance document back to the imigration. Else, next time you go back there, ada chance you will sleep in the jail. Just like my friend. Thanks

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