December 1, 2023


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Koh Hin Ngam The Magnificent Island

While everyone is so in love with Koh Lipe, there are other islands near Koh Lipe too. There is Koh Rawi, Ko Khai, Ko Tarutao and Koh Hin Ngam.
koh hin ngam boat
This island is unique than the rest as it doesn’t come with a white sandy beach and instead the local called it the “magnificent island” or the “beautiful stone” island.

It is just around 10 minute boat ride from Koh lipe and the beauty of this island are the beautiful stones. Not the precious ones or the colourful ones but black stones.

This are black polished volcanic stones as I was told and it is formed such way by the hard hitting waves for thousands of years. You will see many visitors stacking stones. It is believed that you stack the stones and make wishes, that’s why many stacking stones on the island.
koh hin ngam stacking stones
Just be careful when you walk around on the black stones as they can be quite slippery.

Please take note that there is a legend on these stones. Each of the stones are believed to be cursed by Tarutao’s god and whoever who steals the rock from island will be punished.
koh hin ngam beautiful stones
There is a rumour that Leonardo Di Caprio took some stones from this island and he had nightmares since then. Eventually, he returned the stones to the island and the nightmares were gone.
koh hin ngam rocks

I am not sure the authenticity of the rumour but if don’t believe on the curse of the black stones, you can bring it back and see whether you get cursed or not. Other than that, do enjoy the island and the beautiful sea.

You can reach Koh Hin Ngam from Koh Lipe or from Pak Bara Pier. Koh Hin Ngam is under the Tarutao National Park under the Satun province in Southern Thailand. The province is border to Malaysia state Perlis.

This post is sponsored by Tourism Authority of Thailand and the pictures are taken with Samsung Galaxy Camera.

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